Intensive Czech language course

The intensive course involves the most intense schedule every week. Training 9 months. 760 hours. Classes begin from December 1 to August 31. Suitable for visa extension.

The intensive course involves the most intense schedule every week. The training will last 9 months and include 760 hours of classes. The start of classes is scheduled for the period from December 1 to August 31. The program is designed to give you more opportunities to tailor the course to your needs, with guidance from a wide range of teachers, leading to significant and confident progress. We believe that the more classes you take, the more achievements you can achieve.

During this intensive course you will learn the most effective ways. In class you will develop your skills and then put them into practice in real life. Our custom program is designed to help you achieve maximum progress. You will learn to speak and write Czech with confidence.

Additionally, you can complement this popular program with an internship or volunteer experience to help you reach your professional and academic goals faster. We strive to help you achieve your personal goals, which is why we provide a variety of opportunities for additional hands-on experience.

Our structured curriculum, combined with an intensive study schedule, will provide you with the most effective and comprehensive preparation. We are proud that our course provides you with all the tools and support you need to successfully learn a foreign language.

Join our intensive course and discover new horizons in learning a foreign language. Our team of professional teachers will guide you every step of the way, helping you achieve your goals and reach your potential. Don't miss the opportunity to become a confident and fluent foreign language specialist.

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